Stephan F. Penczek


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Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV since 1989, Stephan has witnessed the extreme fluctuations in the overall Vegas market and has always been fascinated by it. 


Stephan has worked in various fields, including mobile applications, nightlife, print media, entertainment, recruitment, medical marketing, legal offices, financial services, to name a few. He is respected as an active and engaged social networking leader in Las Vegas, with a talent for attracting people with both common and varied interests and has easily assumed the leadership role as the liaison of his network. 


Stephan has been involved in many different areas of the Las Vegas community including LGBTQ+, nightlife, entertainment, special events, non-profit, travel, and more! Stephan has worked with key industry, business and authority leaders as advisors and partners, who have been instrumental in constructing his professional network. 


Stephan is always on the lookout for ways to expand his professional network, with a goal and passion to build simple yet effective solutions. These solutions fulfill the general public's ever-changing yet immediate need for a simple and effective way to connect to entertainment, venues, nightclubs, special events, and other information for Las Vegas and other cities through his company, LEAZZO.


As Conceptualizer & CEO, Mr. Penczek continues to be the thought leader and manager for the approach, development, and deployment of LEAZZO’s platform, as well as for the future plans for LEAZZO.

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